Family Adventures in NYC

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did! My parents and my brother came up to spend Thanksgiving with me in New York! None of them had ever been to New York before (besides my mom for a day but that doesn’t count), so it was definitely an adventure getting to show them around the big city!

They flew in on Tuesday and I took them to a diner in Brooklyn Heights for lunch. Even though it had been over two months since I’d seen them it felt like no time had passed, and that’s something I love about family.

After lunch I showed them around Brooklyn Heights a little. They were pretty exhausted from the trip, so we didn’t do too much before heading over to Manhattan to check into the Airbnb we stayed at. We pretty much hung around the apartment for the evening. Even being in a city like New York, sometimes it’s nice to just slow down and relax, especially if you’re with family.

The next morning we had breakfast at the apartment before heading out for the day. The first place I took them on Wednesday was Central Park. (Check out my last post about Fall in Central Park to get a feel for what it was like). I was so happy it was still as beautiful as it was last weekend, and that they got to see it! By the end of the trip they all agreed that Central Park was their favorite.

We had a beautiful day to explore the park, and it was even a little on the warm side, so that was nice. We entered the park at Columbus Circle and strolled past the carousal, and walked down the mall to Bethesda Fountain and Terrace. Then we walked around The Lake to The Bow Bridge. We made a pitstop for a hot dog, which was on the list of things to do requested by my dad.

After a little break, we made our way down to the East corner on Central Park. I had actually never been down to that part of the park, so it was new for me too! We stopped at The Pond and Gapstow Bridge.


We left Central Park and walked down 5th Ave, because if it’s your first time in New York I feel like that’s something you have to see! Also all of the stores have their Christmas window displays up, which is a sight to see if you’re here for the holidays. We went into Trump Tower just to walk around and see what was inside. Once we got to St. Patrick’s Cathedral we walked inside there as well, and then turned to head over to Rockefeller.


We saw the tree and walked over to where the Today Show is filmed and around the iceskating rink. After exploring around Rockefeller, we walked a few blocks to Times Square and had dinner there. We finished the night at Bryant Park, where they have a holiday market and ice skating rink. We stayed around there for a little while and did some shopping before heading home for the night.


The next day was Thanksgiving! We got up early to head to the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Long story short, that was pretty much a disaster and we didn’t get to see the parade very well. My mom and I watched about 30 minutes of it once it got to us, and by then we didn’t think our view was worth freezing and getting pushed around so we went to met up with my dad and brother. We found them shopping at Lord and Taylor on 5th Ave. of all places.


We joined up with them there and did some shopping and then had lunch there at Sarabeth’s. I think we ended up spending the majority of our day there. My family also all agreed that Lord and Taylor, and 5th Ave. in general, was another one of their favorite things, which surprised me! After lunch we walked over to Grand Central before calling it a day.

We went back to the apartment a little early that day because we did Thanksgiving dinner there instead of going out to eat. That’s one reason I wanted to get an Airbnb so that we could cook our Thanksgiving dinner at home. That is an important tradition to me, and because this was our first Thanksgiving not at home, I wanted it to feel as much like home as possible.

On Friday we walked through Little Italy, which was fun and something I had always wanted to do too. We didn’t spend a lot of time there, but since our family is from Italy, I think it would be fun to go back and be able to have time to eat at some of the Italian restaurants in the area because they sure looked good!


After that I took them to explore a little around the Financial District and we ended the day walking to Brooklyn Bridge and getting pizza in Dumbo.


Unfortunately, I had to bring them back to the airport on Saturday. I wish the trip could have lasted longer, but knowing it’ll be less than a month until I get to see them again made it a little easier to send them off.

I enjoyed every minute of them being here with me, and it made New York feel a little less lonely knowing I had them here with me. It sure goes to show you that home isn’t a place, it’s people, and that you can make anywhere feel like home when the people you love are with you.

Always looking for adventure,


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