Sunset Over Skyline

Again, it’s been way too long since I’ve written to you guys. I apologize for being MIA. I wanted to check in with you guys and tell you a little about what I’ve been doing, but more importantly I wanted to tell you what I’ve been thinking.

So, after working 40 plus hours a week and then doing photo sessions on the weekends, I’ve had zero time to explore New York, which is kinda the reason I moved here. It’s been great to be back doing photo sessions, but it’s also very time consuming and exhausting. Being so busy has definitely made the time go by faster which is good because I’m missing my family and friends some kind of bad. I’m literally counting down the days until I get to see them.

After taking a day for myself and just relaxing today, I decided to go for an evening run. The sun was starting to set as I ran down by the water and around the pier. When I finished my run, I decided to go sit by the water for a while and watch the sunset. There’s a few areas that I like to sit, but for some reason tonight I decided to go sit on the rocks near a grassy area and really looks straight out into the sunset.

I looked over to my left and saw at least ten people with their cameras set up on tripods. Now, this isn’t an unusual sight, especially for that area. There are always people with their cameras set up there to capture the water and the skyline. In addition to them, there were so many people standing there taking pictures.

I kind of laughed to myself because just a few months ago that was me too. I went and sat on the same rock by the water just about every night, looking at the skyline. It’s so pretty at night with all of the lights reflecting off of the water. I slowly got out of the habit of doing that and when I do go sit by the water now, I noticed I’ve started sitting where I was sitting this evenig. And I was the only person sitting there.

All of those people were taking the same photos of the same skyline, while I was looking at the ever-changing sunset. I noticed the same thing the other day when I sat and watched a beautiful set on the promenade. I noticed that no one else seemed to notice how beautiful it was. I did, however, see a lot of people taking photos of the skyline.

When I first moved here I couldn’t get enough of it. The lights gave me such a good feeling. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still pretty to look at, but it’s the same picture every night.

I also couldn’t help but think that all of these people were taking, what I’m sure were wonderful photos, of buildings that are all made by people. They are a sight to see for sure, but when you see them everyday, they become just another part of the view. But that sunset. It changes every single day. And guess who makes it new every day? Our God does. He made that. I could look at some buildings that some people made years ago, or I could look at a sunset that God is creating right in front of my eyes. I’ll tell you right now I would chose the sunset over the skyline any day.

Always looking for adventure,


2 Replies to “Sunset Over Skyline”

  1. I’ve pondered over this beautiful and inspirational post for weeks now I guess, with your comments flitting across my mind so many times. I believe this reply was a gift to me “just for you”
    You looking at that sunset and appreciating God’s gift? Like God saying Hello or blowing you a kiss 😘

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