Photo Shoot Fun

I didn’t get to do much exploring this weekend in the city, but I did get to start something very exciting: family photo sessions! After my busy weekend trip to Maryland, I needed a weekend to relax and catch up on some things, and I’m glad I did. Little did I know how fast my weekends would be filling up with photo sessions!

I can’t tell you guys how excited I was to have families begin reaching out to me about family photo sessions. Fall and Christmas are my absolute favorite times of the year (as I know I’ve told you all before), so naturally these are my favorite times to capture for families!

I really missed having fun with families and taking special pictures for them. It makes my heart so happy to go home after a session and look through the pictures, falling in love with every image. I get so excited when I see that I’ve captured a really good moment, and I know if it makes me happy, it’ll make the parents even happier.

I have so many sessions coming up that are going to keep me super busy! I may not be able to be as adventures as I would like to in the next few weeks, but I’m getting to do something else that I absolutely love!

You can head over to my photography website or Instagram to check out some of the pictures from Sunday’s session!

Always looking for adventure,




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